Welcome to a new paradigm of wealth creation, one that’s not just about making a quick buck but about future-proofing your income streams. In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, marked by technological advances and interconnected networks, side hustles are not just an option—they’re a necessity. But how do you choose a side hustle that not only brings in extra cash but also stands the test of time? Let’s dive in.

The Intersection of Technology and Side Hustles

The world is changing, and so are the rules of wealth creation. We’re transitioning from a two-dimensional plane to a three-dimensional interconnected web of opportunities. In this new world, capital finds you more easily if you’re open with your ideas. This is what I like to call “ideation lactation,” a process where continually sharing your business ideas becomes a form of investment. So, how does this relate to side hustles? Well, your side hustle could very well be the next big idea that attracts significant capital, thanks to AI bots like Louisa that are set loose in the wild to find the source of capital.

Identifying Your Strengths in a 3D World

Before you dive into a side hustle, take some time to identify your strengths and how they can be monetized. Think about the skills and knowledge you have from your day job that could offer value in this new, interconnected world. For example, if you’re a builder, you could offer handyman services on the weekends. But in a 3D world, think bigger. Could you leverage AI to match your handyman services with those most in need, thereby increasing your reach and profitability?

Purpose-Driven Side Hustles

It’s crucial to consider the purpose of your side hustle. Are you just looking to make some extra cash, or do you have aspirations of self-employment? If your goal is simply to increase your income, focus on straightforward gigs that will net you easy cash. However, if you’re hoping to eventually turn your side

hustle into a full-time business, you’ll need to think in three dimensions. Consider factors like initial investment, structure, pricing, and delivery of your product or service. In this new age, even the smallest idea expressed on a platform can attract capital from an investment bank operating out of New York. That’s the power of being networked into a new AI wealth distribution system.

Time, Resources, and the New Financial Landscape

Another important factor to consider is the amount of time and resources you have available to devote to your side hustle. Be realistic about how many hours you can commit on top of your day job. But also consider the changing financial landscape. With the rise of stable coins, CBDCs, and alternative financial systems, the way we think about money is changing. Your side hustle doesn’t just have to be a way to earn extra dollars; it could be a way to earn assets that grow exponentially in value.

Aligning Your Side Hustle with Your Lifestyle

While a side hustle can be a great way to earn extra money and develop new skills, it’s also important to have fun and pursue something that interests you. For example, if you want to be more active, consider offering dog walking services. Not only do you bring in some extra income, but you also work on your daily steps. Remember, in this new world, even something as simple as dog walking could be transformed by technology. Imagine a decentralized app that matches dog walkers with the most suitable dogs in their neighborhood, complete with smart contracts that handle payments automatically.

The Power of Capital Flow in Side Hustles

In this new world, directing capital towards certain sectors or ideas can influence market dynamics. If you spend all your effort talking about property, you’re attracting capital into the property market. The same goes for your side hustle. By sharing your ideas and starting conversations, whether through podcasts or platforms like LinkedIn, you’re creating wealth networks around you that grow larger and larger.

We’re living in a world where there’s a massive change happening, and burying your head in the sand will get you nowhere. If you want to have a horse in this race, you’re going to need to step up and try a few different things. So, think about your side hustle not just as a way to make extra money, but as a way to future-proof your income and possibly even contribute to a new, global financial system. That’s how you build new wealth in the new world. And that’s it for this lesson—until next time, keep hustling!