The Hidden Layers of Risk in Your Investment Strategy

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Investment risk is a topic that's often simplified to the point of being misleading. While it's true that every time we aim for an investment return, we're taking a risk, the nature of that risk isn't always clear-cut. Many investors, especially everyday folks, may be taking on more risk than they realise. Understanding Volatility and

Don’t Get Cancelled

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By Carley Ellis As a human living in 2023, you're likely to be doing a lot of “stuff”.   Balancing work, kids, partners, pets, housework, exercise, hobbies, parents – the list can be long.  There are only 24 hours in a day, but we're often trying to multi-task and cram more in. Add a bit more

Are you REALLY insured?

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By Carley Ellis I was seven, maybe eight years old and I was playing with my cousins at my Nana’s house.  I’m pretty sure were playing something wholesome like Hide and Seek, and being the youngest, I was still stuck on “Finder” duty.  I heard some giggling coming from the inside of the bathroom -

The Zombie-Apocalypse Portfolio

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The Zombie-Apocalypse Portfolio is a collection of investments that include exposure to alternative investments that also work as forms of money. Crypto, start-ups, fine art and precious metals like gold and silver are examples of alternative investments. In my younger years I’d listen to ‘alternative’ music like Fugazi, Pixies, screaming trees, Nirvana. In a way,

The Good, the Bad, and the Unpaid.

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By Carley Ellis A family trust may have been sold as a great way to offer protection, but it really only works if you maintain it well. Personal insurance is no different. The Good, The Bad, and The Unpaid – Why Insurance Policy Ownership Matters In my role as an insurance adviser, I meet people

For Better or Worth: Money, Marriage, and Life.

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By Carley Ellis For Better or For Worth As the days get longer and the nights get sweatier, it’s a great reminder that both summer and wedding season – is upon us!  While I love a good wedding and an open bar, it always gets me thinking about how things can change when you’re not

Are you PREPARED for the NEW WORLD?

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What is wealth – money, choices...something else? For most of us, we'll have to engage with some sort of investing, if we want wealth. Investing approaches gambling for some though, especially for those pushing forward with no risk management strategy. We think diversification covers a multitude of sins but it doesn’t. It’s only a small

NZ Everyday Investor – check the top 3 most popular episodes

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With the aim of 'increasing wealth for the Everyday Kiwi', Darcy Ungaro launched this podcast almost 2 years ago. Each week, the subscribers to the NZ Everyday Investor podcast consistently increases, and is one of NZ's most popular, award-winning, podcasts. More 'Everyday' Kiwi's from all walks of life have than ever, have been exposed to

#Covid-Corrections and what you should do.

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In this article, I'm going to cover off some of the issues around insurance and investments in light of the current Covid-Correction that is occurring. To get you started, have a listen to this fresh podcast with ASB Senior Wealth Economist with ASB, Chris Tennent-Brown. If you have KiwiSaver or you want to know what's

Common Covid Questions – what you should, and shouldn’t, be doing right now.

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As you can appreciate, at this time we're currently experiencing a high volume of questions. They all have a similar sound to them so to save time, here's a list to cover off some of the FAQ's around Covid-19. If you're curiosity persists, please do get in touch. For an extra insight, I'm happy to

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