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What’s Financial Advice? It’s what you need to hear

Debt – a weapon that’ll get you shot, or a tool to get what you want? It could build wealth, you and your family need – used well it can accomplish great things.  Everyone has a different financial personality – they conceptualise debt uniquely and therefore need an individualised approach. We’ve observed that when people follow advice (usually from uncle Fred) that’s intended for a different financial personality from their own, they make dumb decisions with money. Was uncle Fred wrong? Nope – he just came from a different time when that stuff worked great for people like him. A good financial adviser can pick up on your financial personality, and speak the right words that you need to hear to make the right decisions that only you can make.

Ungaro and Co Limited is a registered Financial Service Provider (FSP752711) and is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority.

Ungaro & Co are focused on helping its clients in the following areas:


Mortgage and property advice - not from your bank nor real estate agent.


Lending for property. Use a mortgage like a lever on your equity to multiply what you own, make your property better, or get better property.


Regular contributions in a diversified fund, assisted by the government and your employer.


Let’s talk retirement . . .
Does your provider have any skin in the game? Did you choose your fund or did it choose you?


Are you waiting for your friends to get sick before you sort this out?


Insurance – or charity? 
Who’s responsible when you get sick? Now’s a good time to get life and health insurance –  protect the source wealth, not just the fruit of it.

Financial Advice

It’s the advice you’ve been missing all along - just what you needed to hear.

Financial Advice

A good financial strategy ties this all together. Mortgages to get what you want and/or to build wealth through property. Kiwisaver because property isn’t the only way. Insurance to create financial offsets/keep it all together.

Our Core Values

What some of our clients say

5/5 – Darcy and his team did an amazing job in getting us a great mortgage deal, an offer that was far better than anything we could have negotiated with the banks. They also put together a fantastic life insurance policy plan, and explained all the clauses etc clearly and thoroughly. They even made the process fun !!!! Thank you again .

Sarah Johnson & Robin Rawstorne

Darcy and his team are great! made the process of getting a new mortgage and insurance just a breeze giving tailored advice according to what we were looking for. We are looking forward to the next deal. Thanks Darcy!

L & V Fazio

Darcy, you’ve done it again!! 5/5 and you exceeded our expectations!! Your financial advice was spot on and your ability to clearly communicate economic theory was very reassuring. You made everything very easy and hassle free.
I would highly recommend Darcy & Co if you are thinking about buying a house an investment property or simply considering restructuring your current mortgage.
Thanks Darcy!!

Mary and James

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