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Mortgage and Property Advice

Debt: A gamble or powerful leverage?

Bad debt is obligations for depreciating assets. Good debt, like a mortgage, is for appreciating assets. Ideally, we’d avoid debt, but wealth-building tactics have evolved over time.

Our ‘needs-based’ approach crafts loan structures that mirror your attitude towards money. If you’re debt-averse, we could harness your fear as a motivator – segmenting tranches of debt ready for repayment, for instance. But we know that one-size-fits-all doesn’t work in finance. We collaborate with you to craft a strategy unique to your financial fingerprint.

The aim? Trade something depreciating (our currency) for something appreciating (property).

We offer mortgage and property advice upfront and throughout the process of implementing a mortgage, be it for buying property or refinancing. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.


What’s your PIR? What’s your fund type? Who’s your provider? Don’t know? Don’t care?

Active versus passive strategies, ESG or SRI, minimum contributions, growth/balanced/conservative – if these terms sound like a foreign language to you, or if you’re simply keen to maximise your KiwiSaver performance, it’s time to consider a review with us.

Navigating the waters of qualified, impartial advice in an arena dominated by product providers can be daunting. So, what’s your next move? Should you rely on well-intentioned advice from family and friends, scour social media, or sift through the Herald?

50.1% of Kiwi’s who receive financial advice feel reasonably prepared for retirement. This drops to 26.4% for those who don’t receive advice.

Whether it’s a passive-style KiwiSaver fund you’re after or one that’s actively managed, we can with providing advice and implementation using NZ-based fund managers.

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Chances are, you have some form of insurance – be it medical, life, or income protection. Perhaps it was a package deal from your employer, or an enticing offer from an old-school advisor with an unforgettable comb-over and corduroy pants. Impressive, right?

But when was the last time you stopped to assess whether your current coverage truly meets your unique circumstances and needs? That’s precisely what we do at Ungaro & Co – we carefully evaluate what insurance you need and define the ideal cover for you. After all, the pitfalls of too much or too little insurance coverage are what we strive to help you avoid.

And don’t worry if insurance topics put you to sleep – we’re invigorated by the intricate complexities of mortality and health statistics! We’re passionate about this aspect of our work!

For a glimpse into the real-world impacts of insurance, tune into our podcast, where a valued client shares her firsthand experience.

We deliver insurance advice throughout the entire process of implementing a new plan or as standalone advice during our fee-based consultations. You can trust that our guidance comes with an unwavering commitment to your best interests.

Financial Strategy / Iterative Financial Planning

Envision, contemplate, discuss, then execute. We can confidently assert that our approach to financial planning, as simplistic yet potent as it may sound, sets us apart from the pack (yes, we might be a touch partial!).

Our method, which has been meticulously crafted and refined over years of evolution, is perfectly suited to the self-directed, everyday investor who prefers overarching guidance over granular specifics. Our mission? To take DIY wealth builders on a DWY (done with you) journey that optimises long-term outcomes while maintaining affordability.

When you engage us for a ‘strategy session’, you’re dealing with someone whose sole investment in the process is delivering sound advice tailored to your needs. After an intensive two-hour discussion, our objective is to present you with an advice document that is not only comprehendible but also actionable. During this session, we focus on your future aspirations, then lay out practical steps to help you get there.

We’ll examine your existing mortgage structure (if applicable), your insurance set up, your KiwiSaver, and even provide informed advice on digital assets such as bitcoin.

This is your opportunity to gain fresh insights into your financial affairs, free from any obligation to implement a given solution. After all, we’re here to broaden your horizons, not limit your choices.

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Let’s be honest – we’re in this to earn a living.

Updated 15/05/23.

Our fee structure for delivering financial advice is anchored in the time invested in tailoring and documenting precise recommendations for you.

With the exception of some KiwiSaver providers, we don’t receive commission for implementing investment options on your behalf.

However, we may receive commissions to cover our costs associated with implementing mortgage lending, personal insurances, or KiwiSaver.

We don’t impose fees based on your investment volume – our charges only pertain to the time expended in providing and documenting the advice we give to you.

In our view, financial advice should be free from only one thing: conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived.

Our unique fee model:

  • Minimises the risks of commission-biased financial advice.
  • Ensures upfront answers to your questions, not tied to the implementation of our recommendations.
  • Enables those not requiring financial products to still benefit from our advice.
  • Offers an avenue to ‘supplement’ any lacking advice received from other sources.
  • Strikes what we believe to be a fair balance between delivering professional advice and earning a respectable living.

Our fees commence from $380/hr +GST. More details will be provided upon request, and any fees will be agreed upon before any formal consultation.

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