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Debt – a weapon that’ll get you shot, or a tool to get what you want? It could build wealth you and your family need – used well it can accomplish great things. In a perfect world, we’d avoid debt altogether and we’d suggest there’d be plenty of (older) family members who’d be shocked if they knew how much debt you had!

Using a ‘needs based’ approach, your Ungaro & Co adviser will look at who you are and at what you want to achieve, then come up with practical loan structures to suit. What this means practically is that how you set your loan up is a direct reflection on how you conceptualise money. If you’re debt averse, using your fear of debt can be an amazing motivator if we can ‘parcel up’ tranches of debt ready to get repaid. This approach may not work for everyone however, and so we’ll work with you to develop a strategy that’s unique to your mortgage.


What’s your PIR, your fund or even your provider? If you cannot come up with these answers instantly you need to review your Kiwisaver – talk to us about Kiwisaver as we’ve gone through the process first as consumers, then we’ve aligned ourselves to one of NZ’s top performing specialist Kiwisaver providers. We’ll take you through a very factual process to explain the nuts and bolts of how the scheme works and if you’re happy to proceed, we can sort it all out for you in 20 mins. Retirement is a serious bit of time so it pays to start thinking proactively and start preparing now for it.


You likely have some insurance on your life (medical, life insurance or income protection) – maybe it was sold to you at the bank or by an old-school adviser with an amazing comb-over and corduroy slacks – nice!

When was the last time you took stock of what your circumstances are, that warrant a need for insurance? That’s what we do here – we look at what you need, then establish what ideally you should have. Having too much insurance or not enough insurance are the areas you’re trying to avoid here. If you find this topic boring don’t worry – we genuinely thrive off of cancer and mortality statistics and we love this part of the job!

Financial Strategy

Dream, think, talk, then do. We can honestly say that we’ve yet to encounter any other financial adviser that does this so simply and effectively (yes we are slightly biased!). You can sit down with us and have an hour long ‘strategy session’, and then come out completely changed – our goal is to produce a one-page document at the end of this meeting for you that you can actually understand and apply in your life. At this meeting we simply talk about where you want to be at some point in time and then work out some practical steps needed to get there. Whilst we tie this advice to the financial products we supply, we do this type of work on a refundable fee basis, so there’s not an obligation to buy – ie, this isn’t a sales pitch!


Let’s be honest – we’re in this to earn a living.

We charge a fully refundable $500 fee for new clients at the end of our initial consultation. Existing clients never pay fees and that’s good, because we put in a lot of time going forward with free annual reviews. Here’s how it works – if we receive a commission for setting up a mortgage, insurance or even Kiwisaver, we’ll refund your fee on the spot – simple.

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