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Wealth Tax- The Green Party Explains

Tax series: Greens’ Shaw on the Wealth Tax What is the Greens wealth tax that we’ve heard so much about? How much of it will we actually come into fruition if they come into power this election? How is it going to impact the growing number of New Zealanders relying on investments for their income? In this latest episode of the NZ Everyday Investor Podcast, we’re joined by James Shaw,

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Property – Where are we at?!

If I hear the word 'unprecedented' one more time this year I'm drinking one of the 4-litre containers of hand sanitizer under my sink. As with much of noise we've surrounded ourselves with this year, this year I've really learnt that pessimism is more expensive than optimism. We've seen this play out with our KiwiSaver accounts, and we've certainly seen it in the property market. In this article I'm going

Debt / Property / Gold / Bitcoin

Chances are, at least one of those words will get you excited a little... For me it's all 4 I recently had a discussion on these 4, magical wealth-building ingredients, with fellow podcaster, Reece Reilly, who hosts a podcast and Youtube channel called KiwiTalkz.   Should you repay debt or invest at the same time? Are interest rates going to keep falling? Will property prices keep increasing What is Bitcoin

What is INFLATION and why should you care?

Inflation – on the surface, it would appear at times as though you’re doing really well with investing. If the ‘wealth’ you see is increasing over time, this is great right – but have you factored in inflation? Property has for the most part in NZ, doubled every 10 yrs in price (at least for Auckland) over the past 30-50 years. Some of this increase in price can actually be attributed

EVERYTHING to know when SELLING your home!

Selling your home can be a daunting experience, but something we all may have to go through at some stage. Often, we don't even know what we don't know until we encounter it for the first time too - how to choose and agent, how to market your property, what kind of work should you do to your home before you list it? So many questions that no doubt you'll

NZ Everyday Investor – check the top 3 most popular episodes

With the aim of 'increasing wealth for the Everyday Kiwi', Darcy Ungaro launched this podcast almost 2 years ago. Each week, the subscribers to the NZ Everyday Investor podcast consistently increases, and is one of NZ's most popular, award-winning, podcasts. More 'Everyday' Kiwi's from all walks of life have than ever, have been exposed to views around building wealth, that are not only mainstream, but also a little 'off the