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Turbulence, Triumphs, and Trends in 2023: Digital Assets

2023's been a turbulent one in the digital asset space, but why should you care if you're not into crypto?  Because what happens in the open with blockchain may occasionally happen in the shadows with traditional finance. Also, regardless of how you feel about it and considering the most likely scenarios: This is the future. It’s a very tentative mission accomplished with regards to the battle on inflation – I

Geopolitics and How to Manage Risk: Think Differently

We diversify our portfolio's to lower volatility. In the same way, we should diversify our thoughts to reduce risk. The world is changing fast. Technology, geopolitics, the environment, and society are all shifting. How can we adapt and thrive? How can we prepare for the risks and opportunities? We need to think differently, and we need to equally weight both sides of pretty much every story until we're quite certain

Red Cow: Significant?

I’ve heard many convincing perspectives on both sides of the current conflict in the Middle East, but the perspective seldom discussed in the West is the spiritual element. In a pro-Palestinian-oriented outlet for the Muslim Brotherhood that promotes pro-Hamas-related content, known as the Middle East Monitor, or Memo, I found a warning of a'red cow’. "Settlers [Jewish people] are awaiting the appearance of a 'blemish-free' red cow, which, according to

The Nature of Money and War

Money is a powerful force that shapes our lives and the world we live in. It can be a source of joy, freedom, and prosperity or a cause of greed, corruption, and conflict. Money just amplifies what was already there. If you're not perfect, I hope you appreciate my take on this topic of money. The Love of Money is at the Root of All Evil Either the lack or

The Neurological Impossibility of Talking Money

Why people avoid money-talk We are complex organisms, and we like to think we have free will, but we are sometimes hamstrung by our biological processes.  The brain can be divided into four interconnected areas: brainstem, diencephalon, limbic and cortex. The structural and functional complexity increases from the lower, simpler areas of the brainstem up to the cortex.  The cortex mediates the most uniquely human functions such as speech and


Education’s Ideological Crisis

Life is short, and wanting to invest, is a lousy alternative to actually investing. To improve our investing habits, we need to think about the deeper aspects of our psychology that drive them. For instance, before we act on our behaviours, we make tactical choices about what actions to take. Those choices are based on a strategy, which is designed to help us reach our goals. And our goals are

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Global events may cause us to save more, and that’s bad.

The following article is speculating on the future, shouldn't be taken too seriously, and definitely shouldn't be considered 'advice' or guidance in any way. Part One Global events may cause us to save more, and that’s bad. From March 2020 until now, a shockwave launched in uncertainty has advanced almost everything already in motion. In the world—our country, economy, communities, and families—we'll be unpacking lockdown baggage for generations. The everyday

What Kind of Investor Are You?

No matter what kind of investor you are today, you can become a different investor tomorrow. The results you have today, no matter what they are, likely stem from a set of skills. If you want better or different results, you’re going to need different skills. Somewhere in the intersection between what you can control and what you can’t, there is the opportunity for you to develop the skills you

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How the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s Mistake Could Affect Your Investments!

How the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s Mistake Could Affect Your Investments Investing is not just about having the right tools, but also having a clear vision of what you want to achieve and why. To make a living, you need skills. To get your income working, you need to learn new skills. Throw in a bit of curiosity for good measure too. Listening to different opinions from experts and

What is Money?

What is Money? A Closer Look at the Resource We All Need Money is something we all use every day, but how often do we stop and think about what it really is, where it comes from, and how we can make the most of it? In this article, we will explore some of the aspects of money that go beyond its materialistic value and help us understand how to

Phantom Wealth, Media Bias, and a Multipolar World

Take the blue-pill take the red, it doesn't really matter to me. Keep your head down and work hard, I'm sure you'll be happy. We've been living in a sweet dream for about 40 years in 'the West', a dream where the markets seem to always go up and the bad news is always "over there" and not at home. But it's high time we start questioning the script. Are

Risk: How to get More from your Investments.

First up... Let's be clear, that in the context of investment vernacular, risk is often confused with the word 'volatility'. Risk implies the probability of complete loss, whereas volatility refers to the fact your investment can fluctuate in value in the short term. Gambling lends itself to the word 'risk', which some types of investments are, yet 'volatility' is what most of our investments do during the period of time


A Prescription for Prosperity in Post-Election NZ

First, let's address something many are feeling but few are saying: sometimes, it's hard to stay optimistic. Whether you're grappling with a sickness, personal setbacks, or disappointing weekend, it's hard to keep in mind that over the long term, there are wins as well as losses. For the most part, rest and medication can work, the next big deal or new job is just a phone call away, and the

Investing in an Imperfect World.

Today, I find myself reflecting on a world that's far from perfect. Our investment decisions sit amidst global tensions, and while we've 'been here before' - it's never been happening like this all at the same time. 50 years ago during Israel's Yom Kippur period - out of the blue they were at war. This rhyming history isn't ceasing despite our best intentions. Layered on top of what's happening 'out

The Hidden Layers of Risk in Your Investment Strategy

Investment risk is a topic that's often simplified to the point of being misleading. While it's true that every time we aim for an investment return, we're taking a risk, the nature of that risk isn't always clear-cut. Many investors, especially everyday folks, may be taking on more risk than they realise. Understanding Volatility and Traditional Risk Management The most common form of risk we're warned about is the potential

Dance on the Auction Floor: The ‘Greater Than’ Auction Strategy

 The 'Greater Than' Auction Strategy Real estate agents are the psyop masters of the property market. They've honed this skill over countless open homes, acting as the market's maestro. Picture the "greater than" symbol knocked over on its side. At the top, you've got the vendor, filled with high hopes, often inflated by the agent's initial appraisal. Down at the bottom, that's usually you, cautiously optimistic and hoping for

Don’t Fear the Greenwash: It’s All About The Benjamin’s!

So, the 20th century was all about oil. It was the black gold that fueled economies and built empires. But it also left us with a legacy of carbon emissions that we're now grappling with in an attempt to change the temperature of the earth. Some view green investment as a no brainer, yet others are a bit cynical - either way, it appears we're on the cusp of another

Side-Hustles and The Future

Welcome to a new paradigm of wealth creation, one that's not just about making a quick buck but about future-proofing your income streams. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, marked by technological advances and interconnected networks, side hustles are not just an option—they're a necessity. But how do you choose a side hustle that not only brings in extra cash but also stands the test of time? Let's dive in. The

Tech, NZ, China: Crypto’s Rise

Tech Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye There's been so much news to catch up on this year that I recently caught up with Rupert Carlyon to compare notes. Let's start with Apple. New iPhone, same old story. Honestly, how "new" can it get? Not to mention, we're looking at their fourth quarter of negative revenues. Then there's Google, knee-deep in antitrust issues. But the real talk of the town?

Don’t Get Cancelled

By Carley Ellis As a human living in 2023, you're likely to be doing a lot of “stuff”.   Balancing work, kids, partners, pets, housework, exercise, hobbies, parents – the list can be long.  There are only 24 hours in a day, but we're often trying to multi-task and cram more in. Add a bit more pressure in the form of rising living costs and weather like a Scottish spring, and

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