Why Ungaro & Co?

We’re advisers, not processors.  In our industry, advisers are often rewarded based on volumes, not always on the quality of advice. Advice is not just want you want to hear, but what you need to hear. We act in your best interests to help achieve outcomes, not just perform tasks.

– We’re local and we’re a niche player. We work with people who specialize in what they do and with people who value working with specialists .We’re not a a factory of ex-bankers. 

 We want you to grow wealth. Property, insurance, KiwiSaver or other investments – these are only the ‘means’ to achieve your ‘ends’. We employ a model of ‘lens-shifting’ to focus on short/medium/long term goals to unlock the some of the paths you know you can take.. 

– We have a voice and that voice is original. Social media and even mainstream media is simply regurgitated and re-formatted tips and tricks designed often to reinforce existing belief’s you may already hold. Darcy is the host of a weekly podcast – the purpose of this is for continual professional development, and to provide a social good. The aim to get straight to the source of insight and stand in the gap between the knowledge that’s ‘out there’, and you.

– Advice as a stand-alone service. Ungaro & Co believes in providing a fee-only option of providing advice. This enables more people to access advice, without any pressure to act on recommendations.

– Technology is our friend. It’s not our master and it’s not our enemy – tech is simply a tool that we’re keen to explore and develop to ensure we can reach you and meet your greatest needs as effectively as possible.


The Organisation

Big when we need to be, small in times of change – longevity is the true measure of success in the financial services industry – there’s no point selling the sizzle when you can’t be there to enjoy the results with others. In the short 17 years of trading we’re still dealing with most of our original clients and we’re witnessing the fruits of following great advice.

At Ungaro & Co your adviser with either be a registered or authorised financial adviser. There’s never going to be a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to giving financial advice here and whilst that poses a challenge in terms of ‘scale’, it does ensure that the adviser is accountable and is encouraged to give specific financial advice to clients – not ‘tips and tricks’.

In 2021, there is a new framework in New Zealand where financial advisers will be held to an even higher account. Ungaro&Co intends on becoming a FAP (Financial Advice Provider) and has already completed much of the work required for this transition.

Our Clients

What our clients have in common?

They value our insight, originality, and independence when advice is given.

They value the relationship – built right from the start, it’s a fruitful partnership for life, that our clients share with others.

Clients of ours have a positive outlook on life in general‚ look for the best in others – they are seeking wealth, knowing there’s more than enough of it to go around. 

Our clients are ‘successful’, but not just with their careers, and they value what we bring to their team.

Our Process

1 –Let’s establish if we can help first and foremost. At the outset let’s have a free, no obligation 15-min phone call to find out if there’s value to you in what we do. If we cannot help, don’t worry – we’ll let you know!

2- If we can help let’s have an initial consultation. We’ll give you a list of things that we’d like to see in advance of this meeting in order to prepare and get some background on you. At this meeting, we’ll help you discover and to define where you’re going financially. Once we know about where you want to go, we can discuss how to get there. Following our consultation, we’ll clarify and agree on the scope of the work that we’ll do for you going forward, and what costs there will be in the process.

3- Implementation: Advice is provided upfront, before we agree to implement any recommendation. Often there’s more than one meeting, as there can be a lot to digest. We want to ensure that what we’re doing is in your best interests, free from any pressure.

4- Review. Most of our clients participate in periodic reviews. It’s a time to dream, think and plan that next move or simply to go over what you’re on track to achieving. Staying connected is the part of our job that makes the biggest difference in your world – you’ll end up investing a lot of who you are with us, and this will return a dividend in the long run.

What We Believe …

We’re just people like you – we want to provide for our families and we’d also like to make an impact on things we believe in. We’re a niche business operating in your community – we’re not a corporate machine churning out the numbers.

Financial Literacy: We believe NZ children are not being taught enough from their schools, and their families about how to handle money.  By dealing with the parents (our clients), indirectly we’re making a difference for the children. We also endorse organisations like

The Commission for Financial Capability

The Parenting Place: The place to go for parenting advice.

The Graeme Dingle Foundation:  helping support Kiwi kids.

Environment: New Zealand’s the best place in the world to live, and technology is now enabling us to respect it in an easy and natural way. We believe environmentalism isn’t about being a gluten free, yoga mastering – slipper wearing hippy, it’s about respecting our environment.

What do we do to contribute?

1 – We use sustainable energy: Where we live and where we holiday, whilst we’re still connected to the power company, we supplement our needs by using solar generated power.

2 – Our power company is Ecotricity NZ: a company that uses only environmentally friendly renewable energy generation.

3 – We drive electric: To dropping the kids off at school to getting to work – We view supporting emerging technologies like this as critical to reducing our carbon footprint.

Meet Our Team

Darcy Ungaro Director and Authorised Financial Adviser
Unorthodox, slightly contrarian, a bit eccentric- be prepared to hear what you need to hear if you’ve chosen to catch up with me. Why listen to the status quo when the world’s changing all around us?

Disruption, generosity, and innovation. 3 things financial advisers should have front and centre. Disruption’s great but, but when it affects your bottom line that’s when it gets real.

Anyone who works in advice-based industries know that it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of simply providing ‘tips and tricks’ and aiming for the commission or invoice. Generosity applied is genuinely listening to others and providing guidance for them. That’s not selling, that’s not proving how smart I am – that’s being generous.

I’m keen to ‘break’ the model of how financial advice is delivered – our industry is so far disconnected to the people who could benefit the most it’s ridiculous. Technology aims to become more human, and humans aim to become more digital – It’s odd. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a truly ‘customer-centered’ financial advice model that provided the trust that only a person can deliver with the consistency that only tech can deliver?

Darcy is an authorised financial adviser (AFA) who heads up a boutique financial advice firm based in Auckland City and is the host of the #1 rated investing podcast The NZ Everyday Investor.

Regarding the podcast, visit nzeverydayinvestor.com

Gayna van der MerweClient Services
Gayna joined up at the start of 2013- her role is to provide back up for Darcy with regards to new and existing clients. Gayna has herself, been a mobile mortgage manager for ANZ and also a mortgage broker up until recently – the experience she brings to the table is invaluable.
In her spare time, Gayna is a property investor and is a mother of two small boys and a wife to one big one. She also likes soup.

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