Our Financial World

The majority of this podcast revolves around my journey to build wealth and my view of where the world is headed. We all deal with finances, be it through homeownership, banking, or investments. But without the proper tools, understanding your financial position can be daunting. Tools like Sharesight can be invaluable for those looking to invest and track their portfolios.

Technology and the Future

Recent conversations on this podcast have ignited my imagination about the future, especially concerning technology’s role and the potential for massive deflation. While AI advancements might cause concern about employment, I’m optimistic about what the future holds.

The Changing Face of Investment

The technological evolution is changing how and why we invest. The next seven years will be a thrilling time, but we must still make wise decisions with our money, based on best practices from the present and past.

The “Meat and 3 Vege” Paradigm

Introducing a simple guide to help categorize and visualize your investments: the “Meat and 3 Vege” methodology. This approach allows you to accommodate both diversified and concentrated strategies simultaneously. Your investment portfolio can be thought of as a dinner plate, with the “meat” being your core investments and the “vege” symbolizing more specific ones.

For me, the “meat” consists of managed funds, like retirement accounts or exchange-traded funds, representing about 70% of my investments. The “vege” includes specific areas I believe in for the future, such as US shares, private businesses, investment properties, gold, and bitcoin.

There’s room for flexibility in this paradigm, allowing you to choose your preferred balance between core and concentrated investments.

Access to Funds and Closing Thoughts

For those looking to invest, there are many platforms available, such as Invest Now, Flint, Sharesies, and more.

If you’re keen to learn more about these strategies, consider checking out our courses, such as New Wealth foundations, designed to get the everyday investor up to speed quickly. Another great resource is The KiwiSaver Millionaire Roadmap, a course created to help optimize KiwiSaver investments.