Uncovering Your Purpose as an Investor: It’s not something I hear talked about much.

In the world of finance, you may have encountered various labels – entrepreneur, creditor, debtor, and of course, the investor. You might not have realised it, but if you’ve ever planned to retire in a debt-free home, you’ve been an investor without even knowing it. Regardless of the financial destination you’re striving for, one element often gets overlooked in the hustle of achieving our goals – our purpose as investors.

The Importance of Purpose

The question of ‘why‘ we invest is rarely asked but forms an integral part of our strategy. Without a reason why, you’re just going to be thrashing about playing with investment tools willy nilly until you get lucky. Surely – we can do better than this! Purpose is an incredibly powerful tool. It can motivate, guide, and serve as a beacon of light in the most daunting financial storms. Yet, most people don’t pay attention to it. They’re either too focused on the ‘how’ or too overwhelmed by the ‘what’ to even consider the ‘why’.

From a practical standpoint, purpose is the bedrock of goal-setting. It is the reason ‘why’ that underpins every financial goal we set, giving those goals depth and substance. Purpose can draw us towards something meaningful, even during our times of confusion or uncertainty.

The Power of Purpose in Investing

Think of purpose as a vacuum that inexorably draws us closer to our goals over time, often without us consciously realizing it. Imagine the allure of a tractor beam in a Star Wars movie, pulling a spaceship towards it effortlessly, and without resistance. That’s what purpose does in the realm of investing. It turns our aspirations into powerful magnets, attracting success and prosperity like a moth to a flame.

When I meet with my own clients one on one – I often ask purpose-based questions. Not only do I get a blank stare back, but seldom do I receive a prompt response. In fact, it’s often only those with genuine, deep, and personal purpose, that require the least amount of assistance. There could be something in this I wonder?

A Tool to Discover Your Purpose

So how do you find your purpose as an investor? The process is less complicated than you might think. To help you embark on this journey of discovery, I’ve created a tool that will prompt a chatbot to guide you in uncovering your true purpose as an investor.

This interactive tool isn’t just about answering questions, though. It’s about delving deep into the recesses of your motivations, unearthing your deepest ‘whys’, and aligning them with your financial goals. This chatbot conversation is an exercise in self-discovery, offering personalised guidance to help you determine your purpose as an investor.

Tip: How to use this tool. You may need to set up an account with Open AI yourself. Once you do that, follow this link and scroll down to the bottom. Introduce yourself with your name and your age, and it will do the rest.

*You will need to have an Open AI account to run this, which you can arrange here

Start your journey of discovery today. Tomorrow’s U will thank you.