It’s high time the uncritical and excessive admiration for authority dissipates so individuals can once again choose community beyond just conformity and blind compliance.

Happening over a longer timeframe than the election cycle, has been a gradual shift away from One Nation under God, to various fractured groups under the thumb of a nation state. This also, may be evolving.

One great thing about diversity, and I mean this in it’s traditional version of the word, is that we’re all given an opportunity to test what we know as true. Often we  can do that by accepting the points of view different to ours, with respect.

The Legacy of Collective National Identity:

The idea of a united nation, bound by shared values, traditions, and often spiritual beliefs, has been a cornerstone of many societies. This collective identity was more than just a sentiment; it was a beacon of unity. It represented a time when, despite our individual differences, there was a shared national spirit that overshadowed everything else. It was the glue that held the fabric of the nation together, ensuring that while we might have different backgrounds or beliefs, we were all part of a larger, shared story. According the book, The Sovereign Individual, the concept of a nation state may be dying

Emergence of Segmented Identities:

But as with all things, change is inevitable. Today, the narrative is shifting. More and more, people are identifying with specific groups within the nation, whether based on ethnicity, religion, ideology, or other factors. These groups, each with its distinct interests and values, are becoming prominent voices in the national discourse. This rise of segmented identities brings richness and diversity to the conversation, but it also presents challenges. The broader national interest might sometimes find itself at odds with the interests of these individual groups, leading to a landscape where consensus becomes elusive.

The Modern Nation-State and Its Power Dynamics:

This new landscape also reshapes the role of the nation-state. With diverse groups vying for recognition and rights, the state often finds itself in the role of a mediator, and sometimes, a controller. The balance of power is delicate. While some argue that a strong hand is necessary to maintain order in an increasingly diverse society, others advocate for the autonomy and freedom of these groups, fearing that too much centralized control could suppress the very diversity that makes the nation vibrant.

Housing as an investment class, or home:

We’ve financialised property not just in New Zealand but in any country where’s there’s a banking system that accepts a house as collateral in the process of credit creation. The fact that new currency comes into existing through this channel, means that there’s no going back. It’s harder to purchase a home today compared to yesterday – that’s indisputable. Where does this end up though, and how long can this exponential curve continue? At some stage it’s the system that needs to change to really address affordability, and I don’t think we’re prepared to wear that cost.


What does it mean to be a New Zealander? Is that an identity you feel strongly, and if not, could it be this is a worldwide trend that won’t reverse? Why are so many New Zealanders leaving (hint, it’s not just about this current government)? It’s essential to approach discussions like this with an open mind, but that’s hard work. Engaging with diverse voices, like the insights from articulate individuals such as Cody Ellingham, host of the Transformation of Value Podcast, offers a window into the complexity of this transformation. It’s hard to find voices that come with genuine back-bone, and creativity – we found it here. It’s a reminder that while the journey from a unified identity to a more fragmented one is filled with challenges, it’s also an opportunity. An opportunity to celebrate genuine diversity, to understand different narratives, and to weave a tapestry that, while complex, is a beautiful representation of the nation’s evolving story.

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