News of the Money-World presents News of the Money-World LIVE 2022

24th of November 2022 from 5pm sharp, Auckland.

News of the Money-World LIVE 2022, is a partnership event between koura KiwiSaver, MyGold, Easy Crypto, Mortgage HQ and The Everyday Investor.

Guest speakers will bedazzle you with candid conversations covering what happened in 2022 and what to expect in 2023.

It’s $15 a ticket, but the proceeds go to charity.

There’s drinks, pizza, amazing giveaways, and the opportunity to rub shoulders with everyday people just like you.

Why? Because we’re genuinely thankful to gather in real life with our community of listeners/watchers. Come along, be friendly, relax and enjoy yourselves – you may even learn a little in the process and win a prize.


Who’s speaking?

Janine Grainger – Co-founder and CEO of Easy Crypto

Janine is the co-founder and CEO of Easy Crypto, a leading cryptocurrency retail platform.

Established in 2017, Easy Crypto offers a secure, simple and easy-to-understand way for everyone to get involved in the cryptocurrency market. Just four years after launching, we have transacted two billion dollars in total sales and support over 250,000 users across NZ, Australia and South Africa. We also set a new record for a first funding round in NZ last year, raising $17M NZD.

Janine is a well-respected voice in the NZ sector, driving collaboration between the industry, central government, and traditional finance. Trusted by media, industry peers and the investment community as a credible and central source of cryptocurrency knowledge.

Blandon Leung – Co-founder and CEO of Mortgage HQ

We started in 2015 as we are passionate about property investing and wealth-building. We believe mortgages should not be a burden for Kiwis. But instead a tool to help you build wealth, or to use as you get mortgage free!

Rupert Carlyon – CEO and co-founder of koura KiwiSaver


Rupert enjoys long walks on the beach with his family, and mountain biking. An avid consumer of all things newsworthy in the finance space, this guy has an answer for everything (sometimes it’s correct!).

Darcy Ungaro – founder of NZ Everyday Investor, owner of financial advice provider Ungaro & Co

Keen on distributing his own model of delivering financial advice for the better of all New Zealanders who need help with their money questions but aren’t in a position to access ‘free’ advice for some reason or another. Slightly contrarian, always original – you’ll never get what you thought after an encounter with Darcy, but it will help you build wealth!

Rich Elliot, founder of MyGold

Rich is a seasoned entrepreneur with a 22-year track record of helping clients protect and grow their wealth. His expertise includes precious metals trading, real estate investment, and business.


Special thanks and shout out to our event sponsors:


Carley Ellis presents Get Fact – Putting the Fun in Money Fundamentals

24th of October 2022 1pm-4pm, Auckland.

Covering the s#it no one tells you about money – KiwiSaver, mortgages, investing. Tick this one off the to-do list!


Carley Ellis presents Get Fact - Putting the Fun in Money Fundamentals