The end is nigh?

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The capitalists may have to pitch in and get behind the projects of the socialists for the next 3 years. We didn’t see that coming - that’s been happening a lot though eh? The All Blacks lost, Labour’s now in power, and I just plucked out a grey nose hair - will it really cause

Market update – Change is…changing.

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Change is definitely changing - the future is not more or less of the same thing. The future will contain bucket loads of transformation - a genuine qualitative shift is coming down the pipeline whether you’re ready for it or not. In the next 2- 10 years expect to see the following: Terrorists will mess

The Devil’s in the Detail – Beware of work health insurance schemes!

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Now I may get into trouble here but someone really should say something about the most common employer promoted health insurance scheme in NZ. I won’t mention their name, but I can almost guarantee the following: if you have an employer based health insurance scheme in NZ, there’s a reasonably good chance it’s these guys.

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