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Education’s Ideological Crisis

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Life is short, and wanting to invest, is a lousy alternative to actually investing. To improve our investing habits, we need to think about the deeper aspects of our psychology that drive them. For instance, before we act on our behaviours, we make tactical choices about what actions to take. Those choices are based on

A Prescription for Prosperity in Post-Election NZ

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First, let's address something many are feeling but few are saying: sometimes, it's hard to stay optimistic. Whether you're grappling with a sickness, personal setbacks, or disappointing weekend, it's hard to keep in mind that over the long term, there are wins as well as losses. For the most part, rest and medication can work,

The New Investment Frontier : Carbon Credits and ESG

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The importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations in the business landscape continues to escalate. Carbon credits and emissions trading schemes (ETS) have come to the forefront as instrumental tools in mitigating climate change. In New Zealand, these mechanisms are not just opening up opportunities for carbon offsetting but are also paving the way

Democratizing Early Stage Investing – Colin Magee

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The ease at which you can access something, is the ease at which it can rob you, especially as you run for the exit. Glitzy UI masks AI-powered sludge, suffocating independent thought. We’ve arrived at mediocrity. In another world, higher rewards may be available for those willing to see things as they’re about to be,

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