The Neurological Impossibility of Talking Money

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Why people avoid money-talk We are complex organisms, and we like to think we have free will, but we are sometimes hamstrung by our biological processes.  The brain can be divided into four interconnected areas: brainstem, diencephalon, limbic and cortex. The structural and functional complexity increases from the lower, simpler areas of the brainstem up

The Good, the Bad, and the Unpaid.

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By Carley Ellis A family trust may have been sold as a great way to offer protection, but it really only works if you maintain it well. Personal insurance is no different. The Good, The Bad, and The Unpaid – Why Insurance Policy Ownership Matters In my role as an insurance adviser, I meet people

How to Hate Average, and Pick Good Stocks.

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Footrot Flats author Murray Ball made an impact in the childhood lives of many kids growing up in New Zealand (including myself). Farming was a foreign concept to me as a kid growing up in a 1980's sleepy seaside community. My Granny bought me the Footrot Flats comic books. My mind was blown by an

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