Myth #1 – Loyality will be rewarded?

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I've been loyal to my bank, so they'll look after me! Yes, this used to be true...but...Loyalty is NOT rewarded these days my friend! Here’s why: 1 - It’s not the bank who cares about you - it’s the PEOPLE. And good people often move on and get promoted! 2 - Rules trump all in

Myth #6 If I shop around I’ll get the best rate

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It’s not about the rate that you pay, it’s about the rate at which you repay that matters - get rid of that debt fast, and your interest bill is cheaper. This truth is often ignored as it's not as easy to quantify and compare as a low number - this, unfortunately, causes many to

What makes a good rental property?

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Possibly every first-time property investor has asked me this question. Understandably, if you’re making the call to buy an investment property, you’re comfortable with exceedingly large amounts of debt and taking a risk, for the promise of return down the line. If you’ve read the article on the MRTMAD method and tomorrow’s you, then you’ll

The MRTMAD Method & Tomorrow’s You.

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I really do pity the fool who hasn’t heard of the MRTMAD method. Here’s my dirty secret though: Just made it up. Mortgage Reduction Through More Accumulation of Debt - yip, that’s a thing now as I have an acronym. The typical mortgage comes out of the box on a 30 year loan term. You’ll

The end is nigh?

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The capitalists may have to pitch in and get behind the projects of the socialists for the next 3 years. We didn’t see that coming - that’s been happening a lot though eh? The All Blacks lost, Labour’s now in power, and I just plucked out a grey nose hair - will it really cause

Market update – Change is…changing.

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Change is definitely changing - the future is not more or less of the same thing. The future will contain bucket loads of transformation - a genuine qualitative shift is coming down the pipeline whether you’re ready for it or not. In the next 2- 10 years expect to see the following: Terrorists will mess

Property Market ‘Go Around’.

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If you’ve ever learned to fly, one of the first things you learn is the ‘go around’, a simulated aborted landing. When you’re in control of the plane it’s all good, but when you’re not, it’s a little concerning. I had that experience once in a 747 flying into Rome. The pilot pulled out of

It’s all about the Benjamins…baby

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It’s not about the cost of money; it’s about the availability of money! And right now, money has become less available. Here’s the bad news first: -         Banks have been restricted recently by how much they lend by the regulators (like the Reserve Bank of New Zealand a la LVR restrictions) and the 'Responsible Lending Code'. -         Banks have been

Good debt – Bad debt – No debt?

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Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run... Whether you're cogniscient of it or not, there's another view of debt compared to the traditional view. On one side you have traditional financial advisers; Your auntie and uncle who are now well off, perhaps your parents also: They would all

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