Dream, think, talk, then do

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We can honestly say that we’ve yet to encounter any other financial adviser that does this so simply and effectively (yes we are slightly biased!).

After an hour-long ‘initial consultation’ or a 2-hour-long ‘financial strategy session’, you’ll leave with a different perspective– the goal is to make the meeting about you, not about writing the most technical report or selling a pre-made solution to you. At the end of the meeting you’ll receive a document that captures the conversation and records the advice provided in a way you can actually understand. Imagine actually being able to understand a financial adviser!

Before this meeting we’ll collect some info from you, and use it to prepare for the consultation. At the meeting we simply talk about you and your goals. Where do you want to be, when do you want to get there? Next, we map out some options – some steps that you can take, and what the risks and rewards could be.

The advice we provide is not contingent on you buying or signing up to anything. We do this type of work on a fee-basis, so there’s no pressure whatsoever– ie, this isn’t a sales pitch!

At Ungaro & Co, financial advice is provided in an iterative and progressive manner – not all at once, because in one sitting, there’s only so much you can take in!

Ask Yourself

  • What does your finish line look like? Let’s define your ultimate financial and life goals – the ‘where’ and the ‘why’.
  • What are your priorities? Where is your target?
  • Are you buying your first home, starting a family, planning renovations – and then, perhaps, considering your first investment?
  • Envision retirement on your terms – working because you choose to, not out of necessity. What kind of investments might help you get there? Where would you live, and what would you need to lead the life you aspire to?
  • Right from the beginning, a clear investment strategy ensures every financial decision aligns with your end goals.

Remember Stephen Covey’s words, “Begin with the end in mind,” and let that guide your investment journey.

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