Where are you going? – have you made a plan yet?

Get a plan

Dream, think, talk, then do.

We can honestly say that we’ve yet to encounter any other financial adviser that does this so simply and effectively (yes we are slightly biased!). You can sit down with us and have an hour long ‘strategy session/initial consultation’, and then come out completely changed – our goal is to produce a short, fact-based document that you can actually read and understand. Imagine actually being able to understand a financial adviser! We wouldn’t be good at what we do if we can’t achieve in this area!

Before this meeting we’ll collect some info from you, and use it to prepare for the consultation. At the meeting we simply talk about you and your goals. Where do you want to be, when do you want to get there? Next we map out some options – some steps that you can take, focusing just on the facts.

The advice we provide is not contingent on you buying or signing up to anything. We do this type of work on a fee basis, so there’s no pressure whatsoever– ie, this isn’t a sales pitch!

Following this initial meeting, if more financial planning work is required before you proceed, you may benefit from a meeting us again to work on your financial plan further. In our opinion any financial ‘plan’ should be done iteratively, not all at once.

Looking for a long term strategy? Lets work on it.