Andrew Duncan, real estate adviser and blogger, joins me on this episode to discuss everything you need to know BEFORE you decided to sell your home.

It’s hard to find real estate agents who are willing to discuss not only the practical tips and tricks you need to know, but also some of the dirty little secrets too! In this episode we’ll cover questions like:

– How to choose a real estate agent (or do you even need one!?)

– Is it best to auction, list by tender, or by negotiation

– Are agents who are ‘team players’ better than the ‘superstars’?

– Knee-capping – what is this and when should you watch out for it?

– Investing in a marketing campaign

– ‘Buying a listing’

– Negotiating on the auction floor I hope you enjoy this episode – essential listening if you ever decide to sell one of your most valuable assets.

Check out Andrew Duncan here.

If you’d like further advice on selling, which is independent of the real estate agents you’re interviewing, then reach out to him.