1- It’s a point in time. It’s not a state of being. ‘Retired’ sounds so negative – like chewed up and spit out or tired, but not just regular tired – it’s tired again. Retirement isn’t about saggy bits and pieces of pale flesh – there could be something exciting about it, like planning for a holiday.

A point in time can be measured – it can be planned for too. Being a point in time though makes things a little easier to deal with  – a goal, a time in the future that you can measure and that you can ‘arrive’ at eventually – no transition just boom, you’re retired.

2 – You’ve chosen it! KiwiSaver doesn’t decide when you retire, it just lets us withdraw money at a certain age – you don’t have to retire at 65 though. Just because the bus is free now doesn’t mean you have hang up the boots right? You can decide (and you should!) in advance, on purpose, and according to your own free will, when you want to retire. The future will happen to us by default, but you can choose to enter into it if you want. Retirement is a big day – get in front of it!

3 – This is when you stop working because you need the money and can start working for free. ‘It’s not ‘work’ if you love it, it’s fun!’ Really? I don’t buy it! Fun stuff is fun, and work stuff is work – that’s why we have two words: work and fun. Now sure you may have some fun at work but let’s call it what it is – it’s something that you do in between having fun. Regardless, at some stage, you’ll need to transition from needing to work, to wanting to do it, totally on your terms. What kind of work would you do, right now, if you didn’t need the money? What are you really into?

Retirement is a point in time, that you can choose, to start working not for money but for the love of what you’re really into.

Retirement is a financial rebirth – you’re born again into a new life. It’s something to be anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed. You don’t need to pull back when you retire, but you do need to push into it if you want good things. The future will happen to you if you don’t start thinking on purpose, where you want to be when you get there.

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