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Keen to live in the dark shadow caused by your previous working life? Or perhaps you’d rather get into a bit of living? Retirement isn’t about lawn bowls and gardening, it’s about travel and grandchildren right?

If you’re 35 or older, you should think about this fact: For each year you’re working, there’s another year on the other side of retirement that you’re working for. Have you done the numbers?

Retirement planning shouldn’t be avoided just because it’s boring and complicated. We can assist on the process to planning your retirement. The adviser you work with at Ungaro & Co will either be a registered or authorised financial adviser, so no matter where you’re at in the journey we’re qualified, and we’re keen to help you plan for tomorrows you.

Owning your own home, repaying debt, holding rental properties, and having an investment portfolio and/or Kiwisaver are all mechanisms you can employ to build retirement provision.

Kiwisaver is a great way to get exposure to investments that are not property – why have all your eggs in one basket? Should you be in Kiwisaver if you’re self-employed? What about your children?

Here are three simple Kiwisaver questions that if you can’t answer easily, you need to talk with us now:

1 – Do you know how member tax credits (MTC) work?

2 – Do you know what your prescribed investor rate (PIR) is?

3 – Do you know what type of fund you’re in (conservative/growth etc)?

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We can work up a tailor made plan for you and your situation, now and right into retirement