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Re-Framing How We Invest For Tomorrow


What’s Financial Advice? It’s what you need to hear

At Ungaro & Co, we recognise life is full of tension between ‘the right now’, and the ‘later on’, between lifestyle goals, and financial goals.

Mainstream advice places the focus almost exclusively on the product. That’s important, but it’s not as important as you are. Whether you’re investing in property, shares, managed funds, crypto or KiwiSaver, we tailor your financial strategy to revolve around you, not the other way around.

Ungaro and Co Limited is a registered Financial Service Provider (FSP752711) and is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority.

Ungaro & Co are focused on helping its clients in the following areas:


Access insightful mortgage and property counsel - not from your bank or real estate agent


Master mortgage structures tailored to your financial persona, then unlock wealth-building debt strategies employed by those who quietly get things done.


A strong wealth-pillar, ensuring stability when it's time to stop working out of need.


Choose your provider, fund, and contribution deliberately, not by default. We offer choices and continuous guidance to make KiwiSaver one of your key wealth pillars.


Insurance matters. Are you waiting for a friend's illness before addressing your insurance needs?


Insurance vs charity: Who bears the burden when illness strikes? Opt-in for life and health insurance – protect both the seed and the harvest of your wealth

Financial Advice

It’s the advice you’ve been missing all along - just what you needed to hear.

Financial Advice

A sound financial strategy aligns mortgages, KiwiSaver, and insurance, providing property wealth building, diverse investments, and financial resilience.

Our Typical Clients

What some of our clients say

5/5 – Darcy and his team did an amazing job in getting us a great mortgage deal, an offer that was far better than anything we could have negotiated with the banks. They also put together a fantastic life insurance policy plan, and explained all the clauses etc clearly and thoroughly. They even made the process fun !!!! Thank you again .

Sarah Johnson & Robin Rawstorne

Darcy and his team are great! made the process of getting a new mortgage and insurance just a breeze giving tailored advice according to what we were looking for. We are looking forward to the next deal. Thanks Darcy!

L & V Fazio

Darcy, you’ve done it again!! 5/5 and you exceeded our expectations!! Your financial advice was spot on and your ability to clearly communicate economic theory was very reassuring. You made everything very easy and hassle free.
I would highly recommend Darcy & Co if you are thinking about buying a house an investment property or simply considering restructuring your current mortgage.
Thanks Darcy!!

Mary and James

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