Myth #6 If I shop around I’ll get the best rate


If you think that’s what it’s about you’ve just been sucked into one of the best online marketing funnels known to our industry!

It’s not about the rate that you pay, it’s about the rate at which you repay that matters – get rid of that debt fast, and your interest bill is cheaper.

Finding a debt repayment strategy that works for your money personality, is how you get this job done – and there are MANY ways to do this. Now I need to stress the secret here as you may have just missed it (perhaps you’re peeved that this was a trap to get your attention)- you don’t need a spreadsheet, a financial personal trainer, or a discounted rate – you need to find a strategy that actually will work with who you already are.

Any decent mortgage adviser can get you a good deal – that’s actually the easy part. The advice we give around how to structure your debt in a way that fits how you conceptualize money – that’s the art!.

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