A financial adviser will take away all my fun! A financial adviser won’t take away from your quality of life – they should actually be adding to it.

Instead of judgement here – I’m going to bring some revelation to the area of your personal finance: – It’s not about ‘stopping’ something – It’s not about self-discipline or becoming something you’re not IT’S ACTUALLY ALL ABOUT VISIBILITY!

If you want to get something new, something better, you’re going to have to DO something more, something different (notice how I didn’t say something less?)

Here’s what you need:
1 – An external voice/ another perspective from someone with a transparent agenda.
2 – An accurate reflection of your current reality (not your version of it) We’re talking about strategy!

If it’s buying a home or growing wealth – start at the start. If you want to achieve something, an adviser will help bring visibility and once you can see clearly, you’re away. You don’t benefit from financial advisers because they’re smart, you benefit from them because they pull the answers that you already bring to the table.

Remember the last scene of the Wizard of Oz? Go ahead: get your hair done, hit the bars, buy the shoes – but before you do, get some visibility and some strategy.