Do you run a small to medium-sized business and you’ve been in business for more than 6 months in NZ?

Then read on…

Adrienne Church, the General Manager of Prospa New Zealand discussed with me recently on the NZ Everyday Podcast, how ‘cash-flow funding’ works and how small to medium-sized enterprises grow using this tool.

Adrienne talks to me about the role of debt in building wealth through business on this podcast episode. Many often think that debt is the opposite of wealth. This is ironic, especially when you understand that most investments are denominated in a currency, which is technically debt!

Many Kiwi’s build wealth and derive and income through business, but access to funding through mainstream banks is difficult. Most banks do not specialize in dealing with cash-flow lending, which is when they look at cash flow alone, to determine credit worthiness – they are more comfortable with an established business that has assets that can be used to lend against.

This ‘problem’, makes it difficult for small to medium-sized businesses when it comes to growth as credit, often funds expansion.

Some facts:

97% of all businesses in NZ are considered a SME (Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises).

30% of all Kiwi’s are employed by businesses with less than 9 employees.

Ungaro & Co have a relationship with Prospa to introduce potential borrowers. Please read on if this is of interest, and again, listen to the podcast if you’d like to learn more about how they work, given they are not a bank.

Unlike traditional lenders, Prospa offers business loans with an easy application process and fast access to the funds.

If this is of interest, please contact us here, and we’ll put you in touch with someone at Prospa who can take care of the whole process over the phone in minutes.