Redefining Wealth: How Fixing Money Can Transform Our World

In today’s episode of The Everyday Investor Podcast, we have a fascinating and insightful conversation with Cody Ellingham, a New Zealand photographic artist, writer, and host of The Transformation of Value Podcast. We explore a wide range of topics, from the core principles of Austrian economics and Bitcoin maximalism to the mounting uncertainty and disillusionment with the current state of affairs.

At the heart of our discussion is the idea that the debased financial system, rather than greedy speculators, is the root cause of issues like the housing crisis, inequality, and risky behavior by those in positions of leadership. As we face a rapidly changing world, there is a growing need to build a new financial system instead of relying on the old, flawed one. After all, we can only fix the world if we first fix the money.

It’s no secret that there is a bias against adopting a pro-Bitcoin stance among mainstream investors and thinkers. However, as we sail into the night, knowing full well that we’ve been hit, rather than be amused by the band still playing, it’s essential to discuss how we can prepare for a significant change that can affect financial markets, and therefore the value of all we invest in. In this environment of rising interest rates and falling asset prices, it’s crucial to find a balance between traditional investments and alternative assets like Bitcoin and precious metals.

Addressing systemic issues will actually move the needle towards the creation of equal opportunities for everyone, if we can only keep in mind the solutions don’t come from politicians, it comes from anchoring our money on something ‘sound’, like Bitcoin. Due to fear and embarrassment many are still treating Bitcoin as a speculative investments, instead of a way we can revolutionise the way we interact and live our lives in our communities will less government involvement.


In the face of a world plagued by nihilism, apathy, war, and anxiety around climate change, the non-violent weapon the people can still access is Bitcoin, and knowing that can be a source of hope for those prone to giving up, knowing nothing they do can ever make a difference. Many problems like crime and divisiveness, inequality and slavery, stem from fiat currency systems on their last legs, but Bitcoin offers a solution that goes beyond being a speculative asset and serves as a safe haven for tomorrow.

I’d like to encourage you to make informed decisions about your investments, based on your beliefs about the future, and not just a picture of where we’re at today, based on the past.

Whether you think things will return to normal or lean towards a dystopian or utopian future, invest in a portfolio or strategy in line with those views.

For many, including myself, this includes a mix of property, shares, managed funds, precious metals, and Bitcoin.

We hope you enjoy this compelling conversation with Cody Ellingham and feel inspired to think differently about the financial system and the world we live in. Don’t forget to check out The Transformation of Value Podcast and subscribe to learn more about the far-reaching impacts of Bitcoin on the world of art, industry, culture, and philosophy.