Imagine, if you will, a future world that’s a notch stranger than the one we inhabit now. It’s not a stretch anymore, is it?

Does your investment strategy reflect this? If you’re like pretty much everyone I speak with, perhaps not as much as it should.

Consider this: If infinite new wealth in the digital realm is the prize, do you want a share of it? If we keep investing like we always have, we’re going to get what we’ve always got. The only problem is, what we consider wealth today, may not be as valuable as digitally native wealth.

Diving into the labyrinth of macroeconomic landscape isn’t everyone’s delight. It’s all too easy to fall into dogmatic thinking once we believe we’ve got it all figured out. Yet, our methods of investing, storing value, participating in economic exchange, even our ways of passing on wealth, rest on foundations often overlooked. This very financial system that we navigate – the borrowing, investing, lending, insuring – it’s a framework distributing power and influence amidst the tumultuous seas of the market. Intimidating? Maybe. Necessary to understand? Maybe not in the past but from here on in – definitely!

Bitcoin, as a path to instant riches, seems a misplaced bet. While it might strike some as odd, it increasingly seems like Bitcoin could serve as a low-risk wealth-preserver in the new world we’re approaching. Unpopular opinion? Perhaps. But it resonates with a growing collective who are willing to challenge conventional wisdom. This journey is not just about Bitcoin or the next crypto set to skyrocket; it’s about a future, presently seeking to rescue us from our past. We know the drill – first they laugh, then they fight, and finally, they join. And sometimes, they simply regulate until only their comrades are left standing.

Recurring global events might be the contractions signaling a profound event on the horizon, the likes of which the world has never witnessed. You’ve likely heard the phrase, “Control the money, and you control the world.” As it relates to the financial system, its as much about control as it is evolution. The recent allegations by the US SEC towards Binance and Coinbase suggest that a pathway is being paved for a new kind of digital currency that could centralize power even further. This is not a local issue; it’s a development that could affect every household in New Zealand, and indeed, the entire world.

Here we are, in 2023, with intriguing developments like the BlackRock Spot Bitcoin ETF and the newly launched EDX crypto exchange, backed by well-established names. Institutions like the SEC are busy drawing the battle lines. The narrative seems to have twisted – they fight, then they emulate. This process is reflected in the evolution of Central Bank Digital Currencies. Even the International Monetary Fund is angling for a role in this new financial paradigm.

In essence, if you’re not contemplating not just what survives but what thrives in this brave new world, I worry about your financial future. We’re on the cusp of a significant shift, and it behooves us to prepare.