This election’s made my wieners go off!

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I’m a mortgage adviser - I sell mortgages like a hot dog vendor cruising central park in summer, but this election, like a prolonged summer, has made my wieners go off in a bad way. Even the crack whore property investors who’ve helped fund my children's shoes for the last few years, have gone into

NZ – We Think You Should Know…

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We Thought You Should Know… It helps to understand a little of what’s happening in your outside world, to run your inside world a little better. There’s so much ‘noise’ with traditional media outlets so it’s hard to know what’s actually real – Here are two changes happening soon that we think you should know about, as it could affect

The Devil’s in the Detail – Beware of work health insurance schemes!

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Now I may get into trouble here but someone really should say something about the most common employer promoted health insurance scheme in NZ. I won’t mention their name, but I can almost guarantee the following: if you have an employer based health insurance scheme in NZ, there’s a reasonably good chance it’s these guys.

Property Market ‘Go Around’.

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If you’ve ever learned to fly, one of the first things you learn is the ‘go around’, a simulated aborted landing. When you’re in control of the plane it’s all good, but when you’re not, it’s a little concerning. I had that experience once in a 747 flying into Rome. The pilot pulled out of

What is and what should never be…

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What is and what should never be… 2016 contained a whole host of changes with banks and policy makers jostling for position. I believe 2017 will be slightly more 'interesting' however. Here’s a few things you should know of 2016 -         Banks became stuck between a rock and a hard place. The 'rock' here is the regulators

2017 – what to expect when you didn’t expect that!

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Brexit and Donald Trump have schooled me good this year – The mainstream media isn’t a good gauge of what the majority actually thinks. Often ‘the people’ may choose something that the status quo doesn’t really like – it’s like offering your 5 yr old the choice of doing anything they want for the day. Good