Uncover the secrets of personal finance useful for building lasting wealth, and strengthen your own foundations with our new online course

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Introducing New Wealth Foundations, the online course designed to deliver the essentials of personal finance, through the lens of a wealth builder.

We’ve built this course, specifically for those worried about their financial future, and wondering if and when they’re ever going to ‘arrive’ in some way. Our course, which contains over a dozen short, to the point lessons will cover some of the basics of personal finance but more importantly, some of the mindsets required to start building better. This is designed to help you build new wealth in the ever-changing world we now clearly live in.

Max out your income, keep a lid on your expenses – then, just invest the rest as best as you can. Does it need to be more complicated than that? Gone are the days of thinking that personal finance is all about frugality and budgeting. With our course, you’ll learn how to focus on what you want more of, without feeling overwhelmed by numbers, budgets, and targets.

Learn the keys to building wealth from financial advisers who engage with successful everyday people daily. Our 12 modules will show you how to focus on the infinite impact you can make by thinking just a little bit bigger, instead of chasing finite savings.

Learn from two financial advisers, from completely different backgrounds, sharing insights that actually work in practice.

Desperate to build something better? Then it’s time to check your foundations.

Wealthy, people often credit their success to mindset. Seldom it’s from being an analyst.

20 minutes a day, over 2 weeks, at your pace and at your place. Start building your wealth today, and take the first step towards solving your biggest problem.

Enrol in New Wealth Foundations