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Mortgage Holidays

The Government has announced that the banks will be offering a 6-month mortgage holiday to help homeowners deal with the financial implications of the COVID-19 crisis. For most households, mortgage repayments are one of the biggest regular expenses, so being able to avoid that payment is appealing and in some cases almost essential. The term 'Mortgage Holiday' however is very misleading, and there are a few things you need to know… 

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#Covid-Corrections and what you should do.

In this article, I'm going to cover off some of the issues around insurance and investments in light of the current Covid-Correction that is occurring. To get you started, have a listen to this fresh podcast with ASB Senior Wealth Economist with ASB, Chris Tennent-Brown. If you have KiwiSaver or you want to know what's going to potentially happen with interest rates, this is an important podcast to listen to.

Common Covid Questions – what you should, and shouldn’t, be doing right now.

As you can appreciate, at this time we're currently experiencing a high volume of questions. They all have a similar sound to them so to save time, here's a list to cover off some of the FAQ's around Covid-19. If you're curiosity persists, please do get in touch. For an extra insight, I'm happy to be able to share a recording with a client made on 18/03/2020 on this topic.

Good Debt / Bad Debt / No Debt

Good debt, bad debt, or no debt? For most of us, there's a love/hate/guilty pleasure thing going on here concerning our relationship with debt. The messages we've heard about debt are not consistent either — is it good, bad, or otherwise? Furthermore, should mortgage debt be lumped into the same category as all other types of debt? See my other related articles recently published in the NZ Herald. Darcy Ungaro:

Making Small Business Bigger

Do you run a small to medium-sized business and you've been in business for more than 6 months in NZ? Then read on... Adrienne Church, the General Manager of Prospa New Zealand discussed with me recently on the NZ Everyday Podcast, how 'cash-flow funding' works and how small to medium-sized enterprises grow using this tool. Adrienne talks to me about the role of debt in building wealth through business on

Interest Rate Predictions 2020

Will interest rates increase in 2020, or will they fall further? In order to truly understand what influences interest rates, or the cost of currency, we need to dig around a little bit into a few factors. Forgive the technical jargon, but I'll try to break it down as much as possible here. 1 – It’s all about the US. Quantitative easing in the US, or money printing, has caused