Secure Your Family’s Future: Start Building Your Wealth Nest Today!

In an uncertain world, where rising costs and falling asset values abound, wealth generation rooted in strong personal finance is the best stance to take. Why just cope when you can thrive? We’re here to tell you about a life-changing strategy to protect your family’s financial future:

The ‘Earnings Engine’,

The ‘Expense Anchor’,

and the ‘Wealth Nest’.

1️⃣ The ‘Earnings Engine’: Are you looking to boost your personal income and create multiple streams of wealth? With our ‘Earnings Engine’, we’ll help you uncover fresh approaches to personal finance management. From setting up profitable side hustles to exploring the benefits of a diversified portfolio, our personal finance tips are aimed to rev up your earning potential. Whether you’re considering part-time jobs for extra income, thinking about overtime opportunities, or simply trying to make more money, our financial advice revolves around working harder, smarter, and more creatively to maximize your income.

2️⃣ The ‘Expense Anchor’: Do you find budgeting and saving money challenging? The ‘Expense Anchor’ section of our personal finance course addresses this hurdle head-on. We introduce innovative financial habits like ‘Artificial Expenses’ to train your cashflow. This unique financial tip is about creating self-imposed expenses that push you to save or invest more, essentially conditioning your cashflow towards healthier spending habits. As part of personal budgeting and money-saving tips, our artificial expenses strategy helps you achieve your financial goals without feeling the pinch.

3️⃣ The ‘Wealth Nest’: If you’re interested in personal investing, you’ll love the ‘Wealth Nest’. Our personal finance blog guides you through property investing, shares, managed funds, and alternative investment strategies. Whether you’re a beginner looking for investment tips or an experienced investor seeking a diversified portfolio, our personal finance advice is tailored to help you build a robust ‘Wealth Nest’. We cover a wide range of personal finance topics, from real estate investing to stock market basics, with the aim to grow your wealth securely and consistently.

There’s a wealth of financial information online that you can genuinely benefit from, including blogs and podcasts to YouTube channels too. But when it comes to the new world we’re now in however, this may not always cut it. To truly build wealth, you need strong foundations – you need to know only the basics that will help you succeed. That’s where ‘New Wealth Foundations’ comes in.

Founded by experienced financial advisers, ‘New Wealth Foundations’ is an online course that distills personal finance and applies it for those keen to make the best use out of what they have. It demystifies the world of investing, steering you away from the unnecessary risks you take when you try and figure it out afterwards. It’s designed to equip you with the tools you need to maximise your income (the ‘Earnings Engine‘), keep a lid on your expenses (the ‘Expense Anchor‘), and strategically build your wealth (the ‘Wealth Nest‘).

New Zealand investors have traditionally leaned on property investments. While property has been a strong and rewarding investment, as recent legislative changes and interest rate rises have shown us, spreading your eggs across a few baskets isn’t a bad idea.

Now, more than ever, is the time to safeguard your future by building some wealth – to do so effectively requires a set of skills that aren’t too difficult to get your head around. The ‘New Wealth Foundations’ online course offers you over 16 foundational personal finance lessons through short, engaging videos and practical exercises.

Start your journey now, and until the end of June 2023, you’ll get:

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