Who wants to listen to a cheesy show about making money and showing off about how much they know? Well if it’s going to be that kind of party I’ll go stick my face in some mashed potatoes  – it’s high time that someone starts getting real about how they talk about financial literacy. The NZ Everyday Investor is about explaining investments, investment properties and business stuff so that everyday Kiwis can understand what’s happening in the financial world.

Not many of us like to be shown how to do a thing, especially when we’ve done it once already. Heck, we’re already experts if we’ve done it once right?! With our finances, it’s fair to say that if you own a home (and a mortgage), you have some level of level of money smarts right? If you’ve gone through the process, think about what you learned by doing it. Did you have anyone who was particularly helpful with guiding you through the various steps like a real estate agent, mortgage broker or even your lawyer? You don’t know what you don’t know until you come to a point where you really need to know it! Where do you get this knowledge from? What happens if you’re not actively investing money or building or even buying a house? How will you learn something without going through it?

Download the money smarts you need by dealing with financial advisers if you can. But if you’re not borrowing, insuring stuff, or investing a good amount at least, it’s going to be hard to find advisers who will work for you, unless you pay them. If you struggle with that concept you can always go direct, but how do you know you’re getting the right mortgage, insurance contract, or investment plan?

Financial advice shouldn’t be the domain of the ‘already wealthy’ – and to get wealth growing in the lives of everyday Kiwis, everyone has a role to play. Parents teaching money smarts to kids, employers encouraging employees to get advice instead of enrolling them into default schemes, and product manufacturers deploying ‘robo-advice’. All these things will eventually go a long way to improving financial literacy levels. Wouldn’t it be great to eavesdrop on the experts though – what do ‘those people’ with money do? Well, let’s find out!!

Introducing the NZ Everyday Investor – Listen to something that’s good for your wealth!

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